Tanner Speed Club Day at Heming IL in Oslo

Tanner Speed Club Day at Heming IL in Oslo

This weekend, Tanner Speed Academy's own speed coach Carsten Effertz visited Heming IL in Oslo, bringing expertise in coordination and speed training tailored for young players.

Tanner Speed Club Day

The camp reached full capacity, hosting 30 players born between 2011 and 2015. During the session, players engaged in a variety of coordination and speed drills, underwent a 10m speed test, and received personalized feedback for improving their running techniques. Carsten reflects,

"Working with both groups this weekend was a pleasure, and many players have shown significant improvement since my last visit."

Tanner Speed Training

While one group trained with Carsten, the other honed their football skills with coach Oleg Matvejevs, focusing on quick decision-making and 1v1 transitions.

It was a great blend of coordination, speed, and football drills that made it such a great training experience for young footballers aged 6-12.

A big thank you to Heming IL, the players, parents, and coaches for making this a high-energy and fun-filled weekend!

Want to organize a speed day for your Club?

Led by our CEO Carsten Effertz our Speed Day focuses on enhancing football-specific speed skills. The 3-hour program includes a variety of drills, a 10m speed test, and personalized video analysis for each player. Open to all age groups, limited to 25 players!

Just get in touch with the academy or order directly here!
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