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  • At any Budget with our Partnership Model
  • Player-Centric approach & in alignment with your Coaching Philosophy
  • Seamless integration into your training routine!
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What is the Tanner Speed Partner Club Program?

We help your club incorporate Tanner Speed Training seamlessly into your daily training routine, integrating it effortlessly with your club's coaching philosophy.

Speed in modern Football

Why Speed is so important?

Football has transformed into a faster-paced game, requiring players to make quick, decisive actions & decisions. Being just 0.1 seconds faster in a 10-meter sprint can put you 58 centimeters ahead of an opponent, crucial for taking a shot or making a tackle.


How Tanner Speed Works

Tanner Speed Training emphasizes speed in all aspects of modern football. We help players enhance their acceleration, coordination, explosiveness, jumping ability, reaction time, and agility.

With scientific proven methods that work, and which are and have been the basis of our coaching for 30 years!


Implementing Tanner Speed Into Your Club

We offer cost-effective, cutting-edge speed training tailored for club.

Our training programs blend into your routine effortlessly, ensuring no disruptions, only progress. Adopting our player-centric methods means your team improves, in line with your coaching ethos.

It's about partnership and enhancement, not disruption.

  • 30+ Years Coaching
  • 25+ Clubs worldwide train
    with our methods
  • 900+ Athletes train with
    us per year

The Benefits

As a Tanner Speed Partner Club we make sure that our speed training programs enhance your existing approach rather than overshadowing it. It's a partnership, not a takeover.


Developing Your Club & Players

We equip your club with the knowledge and tools for top-notch athletic and speed training. This includes educating your coaches, aiding in session planning, and providing access to our online learning platform.

Our player-centric approach recognizes that players are at the heart of any club. Tanner Speed Academy's philosophy ensures that your team not only embraces but also excels with new training methods, becoming faster and more agile.

  • Coach Education

    Educating your coaches, we teach them our effective training methods. Which enriches the coaches’ skill set, ensuring they stay at the forefront of athletic training methodologies.

  • Session Planning

    We help you implement Tanner Speed into your club's training sessions, which seamlessly integrate and are tailored for each age group, aligning with your coaching philosophy.

  • Online Learning

    You get access to our online learning platform, which provides you with in-depth learning materials, exercises and coaching tools you can use anytime when needed!


  • We at IFK Göteborg are convinced that speed is one of most important skills that the players in our academy must develop. We are working with the Tanner Speed concept from U11 up to U19.

    Jonas Olsson Head of IFK Gothenburg Academy
  • The golden age for learning coordination and speed is when kids are 10-11 years old. An excellent concept to improve these skills is Tanner Speed. I have been using the concept many years now for both academy players and professional players.

    Günther Stoxreiter Athletic Coach - Werder Bremen
  • The concept of Tanner Speed is an essential part of the speed training at the Hannover 96 academy. With this the academy players are learning efficient movement patterns in a common structured and game-oriented way.

    Dominik Suslik Head of Health, Medicine & Athletics - Hannover96 Academy
  • Carsten is a highly experienced professional who always delivers top-quality in his work. He can adapt to each player and group at all levels & ages, ensuring a fun & rewarding experience. One of the best in the football industry in helping footballers of all ages develop coordination, agility, & speed.

    Omar Malik IL Heming, Head of Player Development

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