Elevate Your Speed - Online Course

Elevate Your Speed - Online Course

With this in depth online course you will learn in theory and practice, how Tanner Speed training can help your players or yourself as an athlete to be one step ahead of your competition!

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    Unlock Your Athletic Potential

    Football has become much faster and more demanding in the recent years. Our online course sharpens your speed, coordination, and decision-making, equipping you with the skills to excel in today's demanding game.

    • Coaches & Players

      This course is ideal for coaches seeking to boost their players' speed, coordination, and decision-making skills, and for players from 9 years old to adults eager to master effective athletic drills and become faster.

    • Theory & Practice

      We show you in 9 comprehensive chapters and over 80 minutes of playing time, the techniques used by elite athletes and how to apply them in your training or as a coach with your team!

    • Lifelong Access

      Learn at your own pace. After purchase you have unlimited access to the course as often as you like and if you have any questions, we are always happy to help!

    From Beginner to Pro

    Whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned pro, our course provides you with advanced training techniques and drills for all levels, aimed at boosting your speed and athletic performance.

    • Chapter 1 - Introduction

      Get to know the Tanner Speed Academy and our approach to speed training.

    • Chapter 2- What do we mean by speed?

      We show you the different running styles from various sports, why even the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt, was to slow for football and why we need a football specific speed training.

    • Chapter 3 - Statistics

      Learn what a difference even a millisecond can make, with a detailed analysis of the World Cup 2022 and how we can use these numbers to improve our own game.

    • Chapter 4 - Running efficiently

      Learn how to run more efficiently and the importance of the correct body posture. We show you how to correct mistakes and get the most out of your run.

    • Chapter 5 - Develop Speed

      Running involves the movement of more than 60 muscles and we can only run as fast as the slowest muscle in this chain. Learn how to activate and train your muscles the right way to become faster!

    • Chapter 6 - Coordination

      Coordination is the basis of performance! The better the coordination the better our body knows what to do.

    • Chapter 7 - Coaching Model

      We show you our coaching method and how we train and make players faster achieving outstanding results.

    • Chapter 8 - Warm-Up Golden 8

      In our famous warm-up we show you in great detail how we do our warm-up called Golden 8.

    • Chapter 9 - Drills - Agility Ladders

      We show you drills we do with our number 1 training tool, the agility ladders. Showing drills from beginners to advanced players!

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    30 Years of coaching experience

    Meet your Coach

    This course was developed and is presented by Carsten Effertz worlwide renowend speed coach and head of Tanner Speed Academy! Regarded as one of the best Speed Coaches in team sports in Europe, Carsten has worked with athletes from IFK Göteborg, Bayern Munich, Schalke 04, TSG Hoffenheim, Juventus Turin and many others!

    He will teach and guide you through 9 extensive chapters of the "Elevate Your Speed" online course!


    Why Speed Training?

    Football has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming a much faster-paced game. This shift demands players to think and act quickly, making split-second decisions that can change the course of a match. The speed of play has accelerated, with rapid transitions from defense to attack, requiring players to process information and react faster than ever before.

    Therefore it is crucial to train these important aspects of the game. This is why we have created the "Elevate Your Speed" online course.

    Questions? We Got answers!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens after my purchase?

    After your purchase, you will receive your personal On-Demand streaming link. You can view all the content whenever your want.

    Where can I watch the online course?

    You can watch and learn on your own schedule, accessible on various devices including smartphones and PCs.

    For how long can I access the course?

    After purchase you have access to the course as often as you like. There is no limitation!

    For who and what age is this online course?

    • Coaches who want to improve their players speed, coordination, decision making and reaction time
    • Players (Starting from 9 years to Adults) who want to learn our effective drills to become better as an athlete

    I have a different question, can I contact you?

    Yes of course! We take great pride in our personal service. Just send us your question to carsten@tannerspeedacademy.com

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Christos Tziotas
    Great course

    "It was a very nice course that covered important elements that I will take with me into speed training for youth and adult players. Some of the knowledge shared is familiar, but it confirms that it's the right way to do it and it's systematic - which I think is very important! Tanner Speed Academy also refers to their method of working with several professional clubs, which adds to their professional credibility! Can be recommended!"

    Thank you Christos!

    Format of delivery requires a revision

    Bought both, Elevate your speed and Be faster than your opponent. The material is valuable, but I am disappointed about the format of delivery and presentation. Was expecting to get access to an exhaustive and detailed methodology, maybe a training plan with comments (ideally a print-friendly version of accompanying material with instructions, to have it handy during training sessions). Instead, the videos reflect the information bailable for free on the internet (almost 85% of it). Or, there is additional free info online (unisport/360player) that I have to manually select and add to my watch list (as a complementary material). Once again, the material is valuable, but I would not pay for it (considering the lack of a systemic material and that 85% of it is available for free on YouTube).

    We are sorry that you are disappointed about the purchased products. For the next coming products we will consider your input.
    Unfortunately you reviewed two different products in one review. Hence it is difficult for us and other users to understand about which product you are writing.
    The content of the 'Elevate your speed' seminar gives by far more information in detail than it is available online. The seminar summarizes all knowledge in great detail and is a one-stop solution rather than having to collect all information by yourself.
    And 'Be faster than your opponent' is clearly categorized in groups of different drills. Easy applicable on the field. If necessary available on your phone anytime. And in combination with the seminar the coach has the knowledge to apply the drills in the right set-up.
    Again, we value the feedback given by our customers and will always take into consideration for new productions. But if things are expected which are not communicated by us in the product description (e.g. training plan) than we can of course not meet the expectations.

    Pablo Miranda Feitoza
    Very good course.

    Very good course. Very well explained by the author about the importance of speed training in soccer.

    Thank you Pablo!

    Lukas Kral

    Elevate Your Speed - Online Course

    Qi Wei
    enjoy the lessons

    very clearly clarified and easy to be understood for everybody. You understand why and so would love to learn. Then you get improved and enjoy the learning further!

    Thank you for your kind feedback! We are happy that you like the course!

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