Tanner Speed Training in Scotland at the Thistle Weir Youth Academy

Tanner Speed Training in Scotland at the Thistle Weir Youth Academy

Tanner Speed Academy recently embarked on an exciting journey to Glasgow Scotland, marking our first venture in this beautiful region. Invited by the Thistle Weir Youth Academy, we trained with their academy teams, offering a fresh perspective on speed training with young athletes.

Speed and Agility with Tanner Speed Academy

Our objective was to introduce and enhance speed and agility among young players, recognizing the importance of this developmental stage for honing coordination and running techniques. During a brief yet impactful three-day period, we trained with groups from under 11s to under 18s. The keen enthusiasm demonstrated by the young players were both inspiring and gratifying.

Speed Testing and Enhanced Training Techniques

A key component of our program involved conducting comprehensive speed tests. These assessments measured 10-meter acceleration and top speed, providing valuable insights into each player's performance and potential growth areas.

Innovative and Engaging Training Sessions

We introduced our dynamic training methods to make the sessions both effective and enjoyable. These included unique exercises that combined physical agility with mental alertness, enhancing both acceleration and decision-making skills. Both vital in todays modern football.

The use of agility ladders was another highlight, favored by many of the young athletes for its fun and challenging nature.

Looking Forward to Future Progress

As Tanner Speed training is now integrated into the club's academy, we are eager to see the development and progress of these young players. This initiative marks a significant step in our efforts to enhance youth football training and we are excited about the potential growth and success it promises.

As we conclude our first Scottish venture, we are truly enthusiastic about the future of these young athletes. We look forward to seeing their skills flourish on the football field and would like to thank everyone at the Thistle Weir Youth Academy for the great organization!

More about the Thistle Weir Youth Academy on their official Facebook Page

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