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We are actively looking for sponsors and partners who can help us take our speed and performance-building program to more children and young athletes around the world.


Speed is the most important driver in modern sports. 

So it’s a crucial aspect of the development of young athletes and teams looking to close performance gaps. And, particularly in developing countries, that means helping youngsters succeed in their sport to break through the barriers that are otherwise holding them back in life – socio-economic, ethnic, gender, religious and more.

That’s the power of sport to change the world and individual lives for the better. But taking our training program to young athletes in developing countries is almost impossible without the support of sponsors and partners.

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We’re offering sponsorship and unique content opportunities for companies, brands and marketeers looking for something new or to add another dimension to their existing sport involvement and activities.

  • A different and more human sport sponsorship
  • A different kind of content with great storytelling possibilities
  • New, powerful ways to position and showcase your brand’s value e.g.: Speed, Performance, Innovation, Tech, Safety” (TSA coaching helps prevent injuries), Expertise, Training, Social responsibility, Sustainable development, A Better Future
  • Universal appeal of sport lets you communicate globally and/or connect with important emerging markets: India, China, Africa, Latin America and Middle East

Tailored Solutions for Brand Sponsorship

Looking for something more specific? Just tell us exactly what you are looking for and how we can help. We know that the scope and brand potential of the Tanner Speed Academy program covers, and can be adapted to, a wide range of brand sponsorship value and communication needs.

Tanner Speed Academy is a great example and analogy for progress and development, closing performance gaps andshowing the value of the right training and support. And it’s all about helping people realize their potential on the sports field and in life.

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Help us to make a positive lasting impact in the lives of young athletes!

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