Im Laufe der Jahre haben wir mit Hunderten von Profi-Athleten aller Sportarten und auf der ganzen Welt trainiert. Hier findest du einige ihrer Geschichten. Für aktuelleres Feedback besuchen Sie uns auf Instagram!

  • Essential part of the speed training

    The concept of Tanner Speed is an essential part of the speed training at the Hannover 96 academy. With this the academy players are learning efficient movement patterns in a common structured and game-oriented way.

    Head of Health, Medicine & Athletics - Hannover96 Academy
  • Speed is one of most important skills

    We at IFK Göteborg are convinced that speed is one of most important skills that the players in our academy must develop. We are working with the Tanner Speed concept from U11 up to U19.

    Head of IFK Gothenburg Academy
  • Using the concept many years

    The golden age for learning coordination and speed is when kids are 10-11 years old. An excellent concept to improve these skills is Tanner Speed. I have been using the concept many years now for both academy players and professional players.

    Athletic Coach - Werder Bremen
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  • We will be back!

    We live near Leeds in the UK. I originally found Carsten on YouTube and was very impressed with his insights and expertise. I signed up my eldest son for an online course which Carsten supported with video analysis and Teams calls. Excellent.

    On a trip to visit family near Gothenburg I booked my two sons in for in person, 1:1 sessions with Carsten. Their sessions were fantastic. The facilities are truly world class. Carsten’s coaching was challenging but great fun, ably demonstrating the significant benefits of good technique. He kept my boys fully engaged and enjoying themselves for a solid two hours. They didn’t want to leave. We will be back!

    Leeds, UK
  • Highly recommended!

    I learned of Tanner Speed Academy via YouTube and have been working with Carsten and his coaching staff on training my son (10 year old football player) for 2 years now. My son plays at elite level of youth soccer in the US, and the agility improvements we've seen thanks to Tanner Speed Academy program are absolutely worth all the effort we've put in so far.

    Carsten is a phenomenal mentor with clear passion for developing players, and his coaching staff is top notch, too. We visited them in Gothenburg last year for 1-on-1 in-person sessions, and plan on doing the same again this year, too.

    If I could give Tanner Speed Academy 6 stars, I would. Highly recommended, especially for youth players who aspire to play the game at the highest level.

    Seattle, USA
  • Recommended for all Soccer Players

    Absolutely great running coach, recommended for all soccer players who want to develop their running technique and speed.

    Skåne, Sweden
  • Very Good Training Program

    Very good facilities and very good training program. Carsten is competent.

    Oslo, Norway
  • Highly Recommended

    Very good and professional training. I trained with Carsten for three years and see a big difference in my running stride, but also in my coordination, speed, and reaction. Highly recommended.

    Alingsas FC
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  • Strongly recommend Tanner Speed

    Carsten is very professional. Training programme is adapted and tailored to the need of the children.

    My children liked the training programme very much. I strongly recommend Tanner Speed to all athletes looking to unlock their potential and to go to the next level.
    Thank you Carsten & Thank you Amena for this great experience. I am more than sure I will be back with my children for other sessions.

    Bruxelles, Belgium
  • I would recommend more people to use Tanner Speed

    We have used Tanner Speed on several occasions in our club. Carsten is very easy to communicate with, is organized when it comes to planning, and is diligent in fulfilling responsibilities. This makes the experience and outcome very positive for our members.

    I would recommend more people to use Carsten and Tanner Speed to develop the competence of both coaches and players.

    Norway U19 - Roa, Norway
  • Delivers Top-Quality

    Carsten is a highly experienced professional who always delivers top-quality in his work. He can adapt to each player and group at all levels and ages, ensuring a fun and rewarding experience. One of the best in the football industry in helping footballers of all ages develop coordination, agility, and speed. I recommend Carsten to anyone seeking a speed coach.

    IL Heming, Norway
  • Coaching couldn't`have been better!

    Thank you for the really good running and soccer training. The coaching couldn't have been better and we received many tips for improvement as well as a good program that we could work on ourselves.

    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Tanner Speed helps me

    Tanner Speed helps me with my running technique and speed. And this is important when thinking that football develops and the game is becoming faster and faster. And on elite level it is essential to be able to sprint on high speed and for longer periods.

    Brøndby IF, Denmark
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