Summer training with Tanner Speed Academy

Tanner Speed Academy Kids around the world

In Summer 2022 we could again welcome a lot of kids from all over the world. Some of them would stay 4-7 days with us. Many of them had both speed training with us and football sessions with our cooperation partner A.L. Individualcoaching.

This year we had kids from England, Kuwait, USA, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, Germany and of course Sweden training with us. With the youngest being only 8 years old to the oldest being 17 years old. We offer our training for all age groups and all levels. While some of them came to Göteborg for the first time, we had Pelle from Denmark and Noah from Stockholm who were with us for the third time.

All our sessions are 1-on-1. That means that we can focus on the individual needs of each kid. And with the new knowledge and their individual program they can continue with the training when they are back home.

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