Running coach Ugachi visits the Tanner Speed Academy

Coach Ugachi and Carsten Effertz Tanner Speed Academy

Back in 2020 we were contacted by Impress Running from Japan. One of their clients - a Japan-originated global corporation that sponsors a long distance running team - was interested in having their newly appointed coach Tsuyoshi Ugachi to learn the latest scientific approaches in athletic training. Tsuyoshi himself was a world class 10,000 m runner who just recently retired from his active career.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic he had to wait until 2022 until he could finally travel to Sweden. Within our network we were able to organize meetings with several Swedish and Norwegian specialist in the field of long distance training. Thanks to Qualisys AB, Moticon GmbH, Maurten AB, Swedish Track and Field Organization and the Norwegian School of Sport Science who shared their knowledge and expertise with Coach Ugachi.

With this knowledge Coach Ugachi will support his athletes who will compete in the World Championships in Track & Field in Eugene, US from July 15-24.

We wish Tsuyoshi and his athletes a successful world championship!!

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