Enhancing Lateral Movement in Sports: Insights from Tanner Speed Academy

Enhancing Lateral Movement in Sports: Insights from Tanner Speed Academy

In the realm of sports, whether it's football, tennis, or others, lateral movements play a crucial role. Carsten, delves into this often-overlooked aspect of athletic training in our latest video, emphasizing not just speed but also safety and injury prevention.

Understanding Lateral Movement Mechanics

The key lies in the technique. For instance, breaking with the outside foot, closer to the line, leads to a certain body movement and direction change. Contrastingly, breaking with the inside foot, further from the line, offers different advantages. This approach not only aids in swift direction changes but also significantly reduces knee stress, contributing to injury prevention.

Practical Drills for Enhanced Lateral Movement

In our video Carsten will show you 5 drills, that you can use to improve your or your players lateral movement capabilities!

  1. Cone Avoidance Drill: A dynamic warm-up exercise where a player dodges cones thrown at them. This drill sharpens reflexes and improves lateral agility.

  2. High-Low Focus Drill: This variation involves throwing a cone high and then low, forcing the player to adjust their focus rapidly. It mimics real-game scenarios where players track the ball while staying aware of their surroundings.

  3. Stick Touch and Acceleration Drill: Here, the player moves to touch a stick upon a signal, then returns to the starting position. This drill is repeated with an added element of full-speed acceleration after the third signal. It's excellent for practicing braking and changing direction efficiently.

  4. Cross-Step Coordination Drill: This exercise involves lateral movement with cross steps, enhancing coordination and the ability to change directions swiftly.

  5. 90-Degree Turn Drill: A drill focusing on abrupt direction changes followed by immediate acceleration, crucial for sports requiring quick directional shifts.

  6. Complex Movement Drill: Adding complexity, this exercise involves touching a ring between movements, enhancing agility and response time.

  7. Strength and Coordination Drill: Involving a stepboard and a stick, this drill combines bouncing over an obstacle with ducking under another, followed by a directional change. It's not just a test of coordination but also builds the strength needed for rapid lateral movements.

Applying These Drills in Training

These exercises, focusing on lateral movements, are essential not just for football but for any sport that involves more than straightforward sprints. Incorporating such drills into training sessions can significantly enhance a player's agility and speed on the field.

For more insights and training tips, explore our website and YouTube channel. Whether you're training individually or coaching, we offer valuable guidance to elevate athletic performance.

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