Training with Sam Larsson

Training with Sam Larsson

In spring 2021 we were contacted by the physiotherapist of the Swedish national team, a player would like to train with us. We were able to make an appointment with the player (Sam Larsson) on short notice.

As a striker, Sam is a fast-paced player whose primary aim was to get him fit for the tasks ahead.

So we started with simple, running-improving exercises. The Tanner Speed ​​Golden 8. The exercises were new even for a strong sprinter like Sam. But he quickly noticed how his footwork and posture improved as a result of the exercises.

Over time we focused more and more on jumping and speed exercises. Since Sam also took part in regular training at his former club IFK Göteborg during this period, the units were an ideal addition to his individual training program.

Altogether it was not possible for him to return to his club for almost a whole year, due to corona restrictions. During this time he was able to do a lot of training with us and also meet other professional players such as Tesfaldet Tekie, Ronald Mukiibi and Hakeem Araba, who also train with us.

In October 2021, he was finally able to return to his club Dalian Professional to participate in the playoffs of the 2021/22 season.

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