Referee of the Year Almira Spahic Training with Tanner Speed

Referee of the Year Almira Spahic Training with Tanner Speed

Since spring 2021 one of the elite assistant referees in Sweden started training with us. Almira is in the group of referee candidates for the Women World Cup 2023 in New Zealand.

From the beginning we set a program that should focus on her particular needs of an assistant referee. To make her run faster on the sideline. This includes also the ability to have a faster transfer from processing a signal into a requested move. This especially as she is also qualified to assist matches in the Superettan. The second highest tier in Swedish Men’s football.

To be on this level she has to conduct regular speed tests by the Swedish association. Only when passing the tests a referee can be on this level.

While it was a challenge in the beginning to pass the tests the results became better and better. Her speed significantly improved and it feels easier for her now to accelerate when needed.

This became obvious also by the officials who are following her development. And with her outstanding performance she was selected to be the Referee of the Year in Sweden 2021. An award only one assistant referee has received before her. Congratulations Almira!!

And now we are on for the next goals. Women European Championship 2022 and Women World Cup 2023 in New Zealand!

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