New cooperation with Iron Roots - Get 10% discount on natural athletic apparal

Iron Roots natural athletic apparal

The pollution of our planet is one of the major concerns of our and future generations.

More than 90% of all sportswear contains polyester, nylon, elastane or another form of plastic fabric. Anything derived from petroleum is obviously not a sustainable fabrics, so that’s why we wanted to wear something more natural.

For this reason we at the Tanner Speed Academy tried to find a partner that can offer us sports clothes that is both comfortable to wear when performing and manufactured following environmental friendly guidelines.

When doing some research we found Iron Roots. A small start-up business from the Netherlands. We got in touch with Erik de Groot. One of the co-founders of the company. And after a first video call it was clear that we both would like to start a cooperation. Iron Roots agreed to deliver us some of their comfy clothes and we were happy to put our Tanner Speed Academy logo on it.

When training, we want the athletic apparel to perform. The natural fabrics they are using each have unique properties such as being antibacterial and antistatic, which makes them great for different workouts.

It may be only a small step to help to safe our planet. But it is a goal we are happy to take the initiative for. If you want to join us check out the Iron Roots products. And if you find something they offer you a 10% discount. To get your discount use the code TANNERSPEED10.

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