Kids training - Speed Day with FPN in Oslo, Norway

Kids training - Speed Day with FPN in Oslo, Norway

Since 2015 are we cooperating with our friends and partners from Fotballprogrejson Norge – FPN – in Oslo, Norway.

FPN is known for football training with the highest level of quality, helping young players to improve all skills that are necessary in today’s high speed football. 

One important part of this is the ability of running and moving fast. Together with FPN we have developed a Speed Day to help players to get faster. During this 3.5 hour program we focus on the basics of speed training. Helping the players to learn and understand the importance. And giving them the tools to improve their speed.

Last weekend it was again 14 kids in the age between 9-15 who joined our training. All players get an individual video analysis and individual report with training recommendations after the event.

Speed Day is an event we are organizing every other month in Oslo. The next Speed Day will take place on November 26, 2022.

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