Helping a Young Noah Okafor to Improve his Speed

Noah Okafor

In the summer of 2017, a player agent from Basel called us and asked if we could train with three brothers in Basel because the campus of FC Basel was closed during the summer holidays.

The 3 brothers had never done an appropriate running training and had never heard of running coordination.

We started with our basic exercises, the GOLDEN 8. After a few sessions we already saw an improvement in body posture.

We continued the training 2 to 3 times a week, modifying the training accordingly to the progress each player made.

With the oldest player we were able to start with jumping exercises, which he had to do 3 times a week. He had to send us videos, so we were able to control his progress and correct the player If necessary.

The results quickly followed, at the age of 17, Noah Okafor was accepted into the first team of FC Basel and had the best values ​​for speed and jumping in the tests!

His 2 brothers have now also joined the Swiss national team.

Update: Noah Okafor joined top club AC Milan in summer 2023!!

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