Tanner Speed Academy Kicks Off Partnership in India

Tanner Speed Academy Kicks Off Partnership in India

Tanner Speed Academy recently took an exhilarating step into Mumbai, India, partnering with Bravo Sports to lay the groundwork for what promises to be a fruitful collaboration. This initiative marks our first major foray into the Indian football scene, focusing on fostering young talent and enhancing local coaching methodologies.

Speed and Agility with Tanner Speed Academy 

Our goal during this visit was to introduce and elevate speed and agility training among young athletes and coaches alike. Throughout the week, from April 16 to April 21, we conducted eight speed clinics that saw participation from 75 enthusiastic kids aged 8 to 14. The dedication of these young athletes was evident, with one even traveling four hours from Pune to join us.

Educational Impact and Training Depth Our training sessions were not just about physical speed but also about understanding the mechanics behind it. We held 2.5-hour clinics of specialized speed-specific training, focusing on everything from running techniques to personalized athletic advice.

In each clinic, we went into theory and practical applications, ensuring that every participant could learn and improve regardless of their current skill level. Coaches from Bravo Sports also received extensive education, enhancing their ability to nurture and develop talent long after our visit ended.

Innovative Techniques and Personalized Feedback 

We brought our training techniques to Mumbai, mixing rigorous physical exercises with strategic theoretical lessons. Each athlete received a detailed analysis of their running form, coupled with personalized reports and recommendations tailored to help them improve.

Anticipating Future Collaborations 

This partnership with Bravo Sports is just the beginning. We plan to return and continue our efforts, hoping to expand our impact and help more young athletes and coaches excel in football. The potential for growth and development through these programs is immense, and we are excited to be part of this vibrant sports community.

As we wrap up our first venture into India, we're inspired by the passion and commitment shown by all the participants and the team at Bravo Sports. We're looking forward to future visits and the opportunity to see these young athletes develop into skilled sportspeople. A big thank you to everyone involved for making this event a success!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build on this exciting partnership!

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