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Athlete Insight Pro

Athlete Insight Pro

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Maximize your performance. Our professional diagnostic gives you all the information to train smarter, not harder.

Our diagnostic program provides a comprehensive assessment of an athlete's performance. We evaluate your speed and agility, using video to study movement and reactions. We analyze how you move, make decisions, and respond to different situations.

Additionally, we look at walking patterns, balance during various exercises, and assess muscle activation. This helps us identify any muscle imbalances or misalignments that might impact performance or increase the risk of injuries.

As a result we provide you with all the information you need to get the most out of your training!

Athlete Insight Pro includes

  • Sprint and Change of Direction
    • Video analysis
    • Kinematic Analysis
  • Agility Test
    • Stimulus
    • Situation reading
    • Decision making
    • Specific motor action (related to acceleration, deceleration and change of direction speed)
  • Motion Analysis
    • Gait analysis
    • 30 seconds side hop
    • Balance Front hop
    • Balance Squat
    • Single Leg Stance
    • Balance Side Hop
  • Muscle Diagnostic
    • Identification of muscle pair asymmetry and asynchronous action in the kinetic chain.
  • Minimum Age: 16 years
  • Duration: ca. 3.5 - 4 hours
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  • What is included?

    The the content of each training sessions depends greatly on your athletic capabilities and progress. We train with professional athletes, but also with amateurs who want to improve their mobility. Therefore each training session with us is as individual as you.

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  • Where do training sessions take place?

    Each session takes place at the Prioritet Serneke Arena in Gothenburg, the most modern sports complex in Scandinavia. If you can't visit us, check out our Online coaching offers!

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  • What happens if I have to cancel a training session?

    If you can't come to a training session, you can just cancel it with us and get your money back, it is as easy as that!

  • With whom will I train?

    You will train with Carsten or a high qualified coach from our staff.

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