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Analysis and Training Bundle

Analysis and Training Bundle

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The perfect way to improve your speed.

In our analysis and training bundle we will start with a detailed analysis session (75 min) to see where your current athletic capability is at. This includes a 10m and a 10m flying speed test. Both tests will be recorded with a pro-high-speed camera, that makes it possible to analyse every movement and see where you can improve.

Based on the result of our analysis you will receive a detailed personal report with specific training recommendations, which will give you everything you need to start your training at home.

After 4-6 weeks you come back for a follow-up session. During this session we will check the progress and give you an updated training program, to further improve your performance and speed.

This is followed by the last session which will again happen after 4-6 weeks. We will perform another speed test, to measure the improvement you have made.

Our staff will contact you for making an appointment after you have ordered.

Analysis and Training Bundle:

  • Detailed Analysis Session (75 min) recorded with our pro-high-speed camera
  • Extensive personal report with training recommendations
  • Follow-Up Training Session after 4-6 weeks at our facilities
  • Extra Training Session after another 4-6 weeks, measuring your improvement
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You have a question before booking one of our online sessions? We are happy to help, just get in touch!

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  • How do Online Sessions work?

    After ordering an online session. One of our staff members will get in touch with you, to coordinate the best time for you to train.

  • What if I cannot attend a session?

    That is no problem at all, we can reschedule the online appointment and meet on a diferent date. Just let us know.

  • Online Analysis

    If it is the first time you are training with us, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your current status as an athlete and build a training program needed to improve your athletic capabilities.

  • How do you stay in touch?

    When you join the academy, you become part of our team. We take great pride in helping you along your way as an athlete. Worldwide you can reach us via video call, phone and of course email!