Coach Seminar in Germany

Coach Seminar in Germany

At Tanner Speed Academy, our expertise extends beyond training athletes. We also provide specialized seminars for coaches and comprehensive programs for entire clubs, ensuring a holistic approach to athletic development.

As part of the C-License course, we had the privilege of conducting a seminar, titled "Faster at the Ball - Opportunities for Speed Development", organized by the Hessian Football Association in Germany. This engaging event combined theoretical insights and practical demonstrations, drawing the participation of over 50 coaches. Carsten from Tanner Speed Academy expertly led the seminar, presenting our cutting-edge training techniques designed to improve speed and agility in football.

Tanner Speed Coaches Seminar

This occasion provided us with a valuable platform to disseminate our knowledge and contribute to the evolution of coaching strategies in the sport.

We would like to thank Steffen Hardt and Frank Dalwigk from the Hessian Football Association in Germany for the invitation!


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