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Online Laufanalyse

Online Laufanalyse

Während der Pandemie haben wir eine Online-Analyse entwickelt, die dich unterstützen kann. Du kannst uns deine Videos (oder die von deinen Kindern) beim Sprinten schicken. Dann machen wir eine Analyse der Lauftechnik.

Basierend auf unseren Erkenntnissen erstellen wir einen Bericht mit Trainingsempfehlungen. Dann kannst du das Training zu Hause beginnen. Gerne betreuen und unterstützen wir aus der Ferne.

Die Analyse kostet 1000 SEK (ca. 85 GBP/120 USD/100 Euro) pro Athlet. Sie beinhaltet eine einmonatige Begleitung und Rueckmeldung zu deinen Fortschritten.

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3 Simple Steps to Become a Faster Athlete

Tanner Speed Academy offers a unique personalized online running analysis designed to enhance your speed, agility, coordination, and overall performance, helping you become a faster athlete.

  • Step 1: Recording

    You send videos of yourself sprinting 10 to 15 meters. One video from the side and one from the front view. The videos do not have to be in perfect quality. Recording them with your phone is perfectly fine!

  • Step 2: Sending

    After recording the videos with your phone, you can send them to us via typical file sharing services like: WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox.

    That is it! Now our work begins!

  • Step 3: Analysis & Training

    After receiving the videos, our staff will begin the analysis, providing you with a training guide and detailed instructions on where and how you can improve.

    We supervise your progress for a full month, helping you become the fastest athlete you can be!

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Speed the Decisive Factor in Modern Sports

In today's competitive sports landscape, speed stands out as a crucial element that can define the success of an athlete.

Improve Your Technique

The Importance of the Correct Technique

Correct technique and the ability to quickly instruct your body in the decisive moment are essential to becoming a faster athlete or player.

This is where our online analysis comes into play, helping you develop the right techniques to eventually outpace your opponent. Whether it's reaching the ball before the opposing player or being in the right place at the right time.

Why Speed is so important!

Speed - Peak Performance

Whether it's outmaneuvering an opponent on the field or making a split-second decision during a critical moment, the ability to move quickly and efficiently is paramount.

Tanner Speed has a proven track record to make athletes all over the world faster! Whether you are a pro or just getting started we will help you significantly to enhance your performance and give you a competitive edge.

Questions? We Got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I send you the videos?

Our team begins to analyze your running technique; based on our findings, we develop a personalized training report and supervise your progress for a month!

Can I send you more than 2 videos?

Yes of course, we will pick the ones that are most suitable for our analysis!

After sending the videos, how long does it take for your to analyze them?

After receiving the videos it usually takes less than a week for us to analyze and provide you with a detailed training guide!

For whom is this Online Analysis?

Whether you are an amateur athlete looking to improve your athletic capability or a professional ready to reach the next level, we can help. Our analysis is tailored to your needs.

We train athletes ranging in age from 9 to over 40 years old!

I have a different question, can I contact you?

Yes of course! We take great pride in our personal service. Just send us your question to carsten@tannerspeedacademy.com

Customer Reviews

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Jemmy Jemmy

Online Running Analysis

Tanner Speed is awesome!

Tanner Speed is awesome because their coaches provide fun ways for me to train. Their feedback is helpful when I try to achieve my goals. Oh, and Carsten is tall. He's very tall. :-D

Thank you Stefan and Carsten is 6,6 tall :-)