Swedish U19 Champion IFK Göteborg

Swedish U19 Champion IFK Göteborg

The academy of the Swedish top club IFK Göteborg has been using Tanner Speed ​​since 2016. All teams from U12 to U19 train with the Tanner Speed ​​training program. While the youngest primarily learn and train basic exercises in order to improve their running technique, the older age groups focus on reactive strength and frequency.

When no regular training sessions for the U19s (born in 2002/03/04) were possible in spring 2021 due to the Corona restrictions, the training was carried out via video conference. All players were at home doing the exercises they were shown from the Tanner Speed ​​Academy. At that time we put the focus on dynamic movement skills. A series of exercises that improve the ability of executing a high rate of movement of the lower extremities, which is an important component of motor coordination skills. The ability consists of executing lower leg movements with a maximal frequency and it depends on the performance of nerve centers, controlling antagonistic muscle groups and enabling quick transitions between inhibition and activation and vice versa, i.e. on the efficacy of nervous processes.

After the team returned to the regular training routine, the focus in a weekly training session was then on jumping exercises in order to improve reactive strength. This is another of the essential components for better acceleration and higher running speed.

In addition tests were done and some of the players did extra sessions on the Speedcourt to improve their speed.

The success took not long in coming. First the team finished the season successfully and won the U19 Allsvenskan South. The highest U19 league in Sweden. Finally, the U19 winner of Allsvenskan North waited in the final for the Swedish championship. In 120 minutes of intense fighting it was eventually a won sprint duel that led to the winning goal.

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